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Building a Mega Structure | Have you heard of the Free Republic of Liberland?

Liberland is Free Micro-nation Country located between Croatia and Serbia.

I am so excited to have received my residency card and be helping them grow this incredible dream into a reality.

Since a very young girl I wanted to be an Architect - after seeing the plans for their Mega Structure I am blown away 🤩

What an incredible project to be a part of. Here's some of the recent news that's been shared about Liberland and its new mega structure.

Is Liberland building a megastructure between Serbia and Croatia? We have 700,000 people

When Vit Jedlička declared the independent state of Liberland on the island "between" Serbia and Croatia in 2015, everything seemed like a joke.

Today, the founder and president of Liberland told, this micronation, which occupies seven square kilometers on the island of Gornja Siga on the Danube, has 700,000 Liberlanders and a "government in exile".

The "establishment of the state" on the territory for which it is still not clear whether it belongs to Serbia or Croatia could not pass without reactions from these two countries.

Back in 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia announced that a "new state" had not been formed on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, adding that they considered it "a frivolous procedure that should not even be commented on."

In addition, Jedlička said in a conversation for our portal that they have "a very hospitable business experience" with Serbia.

At the same time, he says they have a problem with the European Union and Croatia.

"It is a fortunate circumstance that no neighbouring country claims a small territory of the state of Liberland. At the moment we have only border barriers with Croatia and the European Union, until we arrange our border crossings, and secure the borders (which they now do for us), or rather the government in the diaspora, around the world, is working hard to ensure that life on the island runs smoothly, ie in order to continue the implementation of our project and for the benefit of the whole region, and Croatia and Serbia. and that's where we do most of the activities now, "Jedlicka added.

And what is Liberland anyway?

Vit Jedlička also explains for how Liberland actually works, that is, how many people declare themselves as its inhabitants.

"We have 700,000 people from all over the world who have declared themselves Liberlanders, who support the Government of Liberland, and who are trying to acquire citizenship and get permission to settle their 'home' territory. Liberland volunteers are currently taking care of security, living occasionally on the island. Liberty.” he says.

Jedlicka adds that Liberland is a parliamentary republic which, after the first elections, will be led by the Congress and the Senate.

"Our desire is to be the first country to be governed through a transparent decentralized system (blockchain technology). Currently, the Liberland government is represented by the president and his cabinet, who are tasked with completing preparations for the first democratic elections at this transitional stage."

"Our goal is to build a country with a very limited state apparatus that will take care only of security, justice and diplomacy, and leave the rest to the private sector. We know very well that this strategy leads to the greatest progress in the long run. We learn from countries like Singapore, Liechtenstein and Hong Kong, ” the intelectuor adds.

The leader of Liberland claims that the country is becoming a very attractive destination for investment, for investors around the world. Jedlicka says they use the knowledge of other cities and countries.

"Liberland is becoming the most desirable jurisdiction in the region and the world. Investors come from all over the world. Liberland is so popular among business people and investors because our goal is to build the 'most business like' nation," he explains.

"Parallel state / polis"

Recently, that "most business nation" organized an architectural competition in order to get a solution for the megastructure that they would build on "their" territory.

It was announced that capital investments of as much as 140 million euros are planned.

However, Jedlicka states that it is "basic capital", and that more money is expected.

"This amount represents the basic capital needed for the basic infrastructure of Liberland that would connect us with other countries and secure our borders. We have successfully provided that basic capital. We expect over a billion dollars as the total amount promised by e-citizens when registering with the Liberland Citizenship Service.” he points out.

Jedlicka explains that the final urban design should be ready by September 2021.

"Once our urban plan is accepted by investors and when we conclude cooperation agreements with neighboring countries, we will start the first works," he says.

Jedlicka, speaking about the megastructure that should be built, states that the solution of the Italian architect has been accepted.

"The second round of the architectural competition was won by the Italian architect Sergio Bianchi. He showed that Liberland is guided by high environmental standards and nurtures innovative architectural solutions. These two competitions serve as inspiration for the final architectural solution, which will be signed by the famous architectural house Zahe.

"Their urban design will serve as the initial construction plan. It will also serve us to first build the state of Liberland in virtual reality ('parallel state / polis'), before we start building on our territory," the Liberland president added.

As stated in the description of the project, the structure should have geothermal heating, and it will also use the water power of the Danube, and it will generate the energy necessary for the functioning of that building through the hydroelectric power plant.

For the first time, a power plant of one megawatt is planned, and it is planned to increase it to 90 MW in the years to come.

According to the plan, this building should have a population of 25,000 people in the first phase by 2025, and by 2065 that number should increase to 159,300.

I will talk more about Liberland in another post,

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