About moi

Hey guys!

my name is Gabrielle


People call me Gabbi and family calls me Goose. I'm a small-town country girl from ❄️ Winterpeg, MB - CANADA 🇨🇦 | Living the life I never envisioned.


I'm an artist, interior designer

creative entrepreneur,

and am passionate about anything design...

After recently moving to Mexico I am down the path of my dreams and have become a Real Estate Agent!


I love my kids,

my career,

socks and a cozy fire,

peach iced tea - "Thé fredo al pesca"


anything pretty,

rustic and clean!


People say I'm chill, smart,

talented, and artistic.


I consider myself an extroverted introvert.


I believe success comes with effort and passion;

and that design is an intelligence made visible...


I am grateful for my opportunities to travel; it leaves me fuelled and passionate to grow as an entrepreneur.

Gabrielle Ledoyen Lambert

Escape Artist

Travel Designer | Interior Designer | Graphics & Illustrations | Marketing & Branding | Multimedia Producer (Films, Stills, Tunes)

Diploma of ID

Diploma of Photography