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Teacup Puppies

We live on the road in a Vintage Airstream Motorhome and travel with our 2 kids and 4 teacup puppies. 

Spark is a Golden Teacup Morkie (Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier) from ON, Canada.

Trixie is a show-quality White Teacup Pomeranian from BC, Canada.

Ruby is a premium Red Teacup Poodle from Korea.

Cooper is also a show-quality Black Teacup Pomeranian from Korea.

They travel the world with us and are trained daily. I grew up with my parents and other family members breeding dogs (Boxers, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs) for over a decade. We are a kind family that raises well-behaved pups.

Follow the dogs' journey @OurLittleCupPups

Follow the family @GooseandRed

Follow my art @GabbiiGoose

We expect a first litter of puppies from Ruby on Christmas Day

(Poodle x Pomeranian)

Trixie is expected to have puppies on New Years' Day

(Pure Bred Pomeranian)


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Tel: +1 431-631-0891

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