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A throwback to Hideout Bali in 2018

A secluded Bamboo Paradise!

Hideout - Bamboo TreeHouse

  1. Kitchen ✔️

  2. No Air Conditioning

  3. Wifi ✔️

  4. Private ✔️ - Secluded

  5. Extra Info: The fantastic Wayan will take care of your belly and you! If you need anything at all, Wayan the local caretaker will help you.

    1. Bonus Pets! That's right, they have well behaved, vaccinated pets amongst the home and yard. I stayed with the new kitten family!

    2. Locals Guidance and Assistance: When staying at the hideout you will be greeted by one of the most friendly neighbourhood. The locals surrounding you will be there for anything you may need.

Hideout Bali was created in an environmentally conscious manner and we try to uphold this ethos. They have installed grey-water and biological septic systems. They do not use air conditioning as the house is designed for natural air flow. They keep the use of electrical appliances and equipment to a minimum.​ With many other small rules and aknowlegments there's nothing to worry about. Other than enjoying your stay in this beautiful secluded Bamboo Home!

The owners came to Bali in 2012 and as you can imagine fell deeply in love with the place. Especially with this area so close to Gunung Agung, with absolute privacy, authentic balinese life and in the middle of the wild nature.

The idea of building a bamboo house came at the end of 2014. It was kind of like a dream to see this remarkable place changing from bushy and an unreachable place to the most dreamy place to live.

Before they started, they had one clear idea in mind, to be ECO FRIENDLY! To cherish the nature here a preserve local bio system. The Building process followed strict rules to do as less harm as possible and to develop sustainable bamboo building for a lifetime.

Hideout Bali is one of the best AirBNB's in the world.

It's built of local bamboo with an open atmosphere concept.

Wake up in the morning and open your drapes to enjoy the view of the beautiful flowing creek.

When you're finished, sip on some tea as you cuddle up the pets!

Bamboo is very unique, did you know that bamboo is the largest from the grass family?

Over 95% of the house is built with Bambu Tali, which takes only three years to grow to cutting size.

Bamboo can absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and by the same time giving great production of oxygen. all of this makes bamboo the best sustainable building material. Their bamboo was harvested in the village Iseh, 5km away.

The roof is Alng-Alang. Thatched roof from grass harvested in Klungkung. It's known for good temperature stability and you will be pleased by the acoustic of that Space.

Every piece of the house, every single bamboo was treated with great care and love. it took us five months, take a look at our team on the right.

Hideout has two stories and a big garden. even though your private garden is limited to space near the house, you can explore the rest of the land as much as you'd like and even take a dip in the creek!

In the Garden you will find

-Avacado Tree

-Mango Tree

-Papaya Tree



-Guave Tree

- Aloe Tree

-Lemon Grass

-Chilli Tree


Where the two rivers meet, Balinese consider this place as a source of holy water. it's a very mystical place with a great healing power.

You will have the chance to see Balinese families approach the river and pray here. You are asked to please respect their privacy.

December to March there is a raining season in Bali. you find yourself very high in the mountains (approx. 800m) So you may get a little more wet! The river will rise during heavy rains, they have experienced this many times before. They try to keep the river clean for every guest, though you may come across some garbage. It is an unfortunate habit of local people on which they are consistently teaching.

The river is very clean, especially in the dry season - it's nearly drinkable!

The river is not very deep, though I didn't have time to explore. Usually, it reaches your knees and thighs. If you feel adventurous enough, follow the river up or down stream.

They have now built an additional 4-5 eco-friendly bamboo homes and I was lucky enough to be the first guest that saw their second home named HIDEOUT BEEHIVE. It was under constructions and only days away from completion while I was visiting this little community.

The Hideout Family

Ali & Jarmil - Airnbnb contact and owners of the house!

Wayan - Your main contact in Bali, taking care of you and the house!

Chandra - Daughter of Wayan, great companion to learn about the culture

And don’t forget about your Bali driver!

I highly recommend "Iketut lagoon" (I think that’s his name... he said it is!) from Hideout

- ‭+62 812 3622076‬

Kadek from Bali Trip Driver! Find him on Trip Advisor

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