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Our home away from home - Veracruz, Mexico

Updated: Feb 17

A place we've started to call home 🛖⁠⁠ We made our way back to Veracruz for our van and stayed in an apartment we're starting to call home. We've been here several times now during our first few months in Mexico 🇲🇽 Next stop is Puebla, and back to Veracruz for the van 🙌

This apartment is one of the best deals for an Airbnb that we have seen yet. It includes a parking garage with a beautiful garden seating area.

There's a large kitchen because we like to cook all of our own meals!

Three bedrooms and 4 beds with beautiful built in closets.

The shower has hot water which is a must for me! 🥶

I'm sure we will find our way back here someday.


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