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Wifi and Cell Service on the road.... #Vanlife | Canada, USA & Mexico

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

How to stay connected while on the road. In this article, we will share the best ways to stay connected while travelling abroad or on the road.

If you have the extra funds, the newly released STARLINK is going to be your best option. Although for some of us its not available yet or has a too big price tag.

Wifi and Cell Service on the road.... | Canada, USA & Mexico


During the several months we spent driving around the USA I felt more connected to the web than ever before.

On my Phone, I kept my Mexican Telcel SIM card with Data OFF most of the time. Due to 2fa (Two Factor Authentication) it would have been difficult to change my number on all of my accounts. Since I was abroad from Mexico the Data consumption was incredibly high leaving me to turn the Data OFF and only use it when necessary. Paquete de $500 Pesos - $30 per month.

This package typically included unlimited Social Media, but when you travel abroad that no longer applies.

We purchased an ORBI WIFI SIM CARD ROUTER to be used with any network provider that you wish across the world. After quick research the easiest "Pay as you go" Plan was with NET10, offering Unlimited HighSpeed Data for roughly $60 per month.

NET10 Travel Sim:

Code PTNX-240D


Arriving back in Mexico was an experience filled with emotions. It had been so long since we were here, yet we had spent so much time here together as a family that it was the only place that felt like home.

Using the App - MOBILE RECHARGE , I ensured to top up my Telcel account before our border crossing. These Mexican Phone plans work a little differently...

The highest package with Telcel is $500 Pesos ($30) per month which includes

- Calling

- Texting

- 6GB Data

- Unlimited Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, What's App)

I started using my phone normally again and realized that it was still lacking just a small amount of Data. Also, the Skyroam Battery started acting up again which left us screwed a few days earlier.

This was when I found NEMI, through an email I got from the Mobile Recharge App.

After surfing their website it truly seems like the best option for Cell Service in Mexico. I quickly started asking the online chat a variety of questions and everything was aligning perfectly.


I purchased a NEMI Mobile Hotspot HS1 MIFI Quantum and a monthly prepaid plan.

The Hotspot has incredible package options when compared to other network providers in Mexico. It was roughly $1000 Pesos ($60) for the Device and an extra $500 Pesos ($30) per month, for the Highest Plan that includes 50GB of Highspeed Data across Mexico.

I switched my Telcel SIM card into an old spare phone while inserting a new NEMI SIM cell plan into my Phone. NEMI offers the option of porting your current Mexican number to their network or use a new number that they provided. But 2FA, this is why we will continue to use the old SIM card on the spare phone until all of my accounts have successfully been switched to the new number - or I'll take a chance and have the number ported (I will keep you posted)

Skyroam - From Gold to Coal

Like the country of Mexico, I also carry a love/hate relationship with my Skyroam Wifi Mobile Hotspot. Years ago when Skyroam was just released they offered a truly unlimited monthly plan that was incredible. It worked across the globe with no data and speed limits. As the years have gone by, the limits have appeared and increased leaving Skyroam as a costly option.

I owned the original model that had a battery failure, so I purchased the new Solis X for the added Security Cam Feature. Again, I love the device and it has certainly saved us a handful of times, but now the new model is acting up and it stresses me out! (I typically pay for the $10 day pass now when using Skyroam)


Public Wifi

Other Options that have always helped during our travels are Public Wifi. We find it fascinating how accessible Wifi has become. Some communities and Parks even have Free Wifi Available. Here have been some of our favourite Public Wifi locations.

  • LOVES Truck Stop

  • STARBUCKS Coffee



  • Parks

  • Rest Stops

  • Town centres in MEXICO

When using a public wifi network, make sure that you have an active VPN Connection. This will protect you and your data while also adding some benefits to surfing the web in a different country.


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