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We invested $900, we lost $12,000, and we found $1 Million 🙌🏼 | PirateChain ARRR

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Is this our new boat?

Another great month in the Crypto World

In my last post, I told you the story about us losing a wallet that contained a very important crypto currency. The currency is called Pirate Chain and we are so proud to say that we have been able to recover the account!

Almost 1 month after losing tens of thousands of coins, we are feeling relieved by all the good luck and news we have been receiving lately.


Wondering why most crypto is dropping in price and $ARRR gaining in popularity? Because the future of privacy is here and now.

"Ahoy Pirates! What a crazy time these past few weeks have been. We achieved new all-time-highs in every possible measure including number website visits per day, number of twitter followers, weekly meeting audience size, and of course, the price action. Since Pirate Chain has no block reward taxes to pay for any centralized employees, we have every Pirate to thank for all the tireless voluntary efforts and generous donations that have nurtured Pirate Chain."

- The Pirate Kid

Pirate Chain has grown from only 2 cents to an all time high of 18 dollars the past 2 weeks! What does this mean for everyone who has invest under 5 cents? Well they most likely became millionaires overnight.


Another interesting topic is about my new path in NFT's. Over the weekend I saw my Instagram account filled with crypto world information. People were talking about their profits with DOGE coin. People were talking about sales on NFT's. Other's were even talking about how someone drew them for a piece in their NFT collection! How crazy and incredible to see people in this online digital community and starting to share about it with everyone.


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