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The WALL is keeping you OUT | Mexico doesn't want you anymore...

Changes to Time Allowed in Mexico Using a Visitor Visa Permit cause chaos and distress to travellers.

The way visitors are admitted to Mexico is changing in regard to the amount of time granted to stay under auspice of a visitor permit (FMM). This is obtained at border crossing points and airports upon arrival to the country. You can from here apply for Temporary Residency or an additional 6 months, by filing the paperworks yourself and submitted it at the FMM offices.

Facebook Groups have been great but they are filled with "know it alls" that will argue until death, sometimes it makes for an entertaining read, or rush of adrenaline. Most of the time it just boils my blood and I feel like I will explode.

I've had someone end a conversation with "I know I'm right".... (okay, are you sure about that?)

Here's a few simple facts that everyone denies about Mexico





We arrived in Mexico June of 2020 and were issued a 6 month visa. We overstayed our visas granting us permission to apply for an extension. As we work on the lengthy process of a permanent Visa and Passport, I received all the paperwork for our extension process. Getting back on the road I spent 3 days the running between the bank and copy machines in Querétaro and we left with new visas.

We took a new path and found ourselves leaving the country in August 2021 and with our terrible luck the visa process has become a nightmare...

The 180-day maximum is no longer the default

Under Mexico’s immigration rules, the maximum time you are allowed to stay in Mexico with a visitor permit (FMM) is 180 calendar days.

The number of days granted has always been at the discretion of the immigration official at the port of entry and until now, most (but not all) visitors arriving in Mexico for leisure and business trips tended to be issued with visitor permits granting them full 180-day allowance.

We’ve heard that the practice of granting most visitors 180 days by default is changing and visitors will now be granted a number of days commensurate with the intention of their visit and length of the booked accommodation.

What this change means for visitors to Mexico

If you are visiting Mexico under the auspice of a visitor permit this change to the way visitors are admitted might or might not affect you. If you intend to stay longer than a couple of weeks, then you should explain this to the immigration official who will ask about your intentions and may ask to see evidence in support of your plans; for example, accommodation arrangements and return flights.

Leisure tourists and short-term business visitors

If you arrive in Mexico for a short vacation or a short business trip, you’re unlikely to be affected by this change. Be sure to communicate your plans to the immigration official so that they provide you with sufficient days for your visit. There are many claims of people not receiving enough time even after discussing with the officials.

Land Border

We will be crossing back into Mexico by land within the next month and will share all of the details you need to know about this process. We will be providing a 180 booking confirmation and cross our fingers that is what they write on the visas.

UPDATE 11.14.21 : I have heard back from a few travellers that recently entered by land and were issued a full 180 day visa

Longer-term visits

If you intend to stay in Mexico for more than a couple of weeks, or are accustomed to using Mexico’s visitor permit for longer-term visits, you should find a local contact before leaving or most especially speak to the immigration official at the port of entry and explain your plans and intentions before they write the number of days on your permit, and ask for the days you need to suit your plans (it cannot exceed 180 days). Nothing is guaranteed and they are not giving many 180 day permits out anymore.

As our lawyer always says "Mexico Magico" - anything is possible in Mexico, but you must find the right people to help you along the way.

If you find yourself with an expired visa, contact a lawyer to help and don't take any buses!


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