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How to get a job travelling the world? | Harvest Host Recruitment

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

get a job travelling the world....

After years of anticipation we have finally spent a few months driving and travelling around the US in our new home on wheels. This has given us the opportunity to try Harvest Hosts and I gotta say we FELL IN LOVE 😍

We aren't sure where the next turn will take us but we are quite certain that it leads south. This means we will be entering Mexico again. After such incredible experiences at Harvest Hosts in the US I looked at their map for locations throughout Mexico and found only ONE!

This lead me to reach out and ask if they will be looking for more hosts throughout the country. To my surprise they replied immediately with excitement and explaining their Harvest Host recruitment program... I quickly signed up and was accepted for a position!

This means if I find any individuals or businesses or businesses that have potential for hosting visitors and benefiting from it, they will be able to sign up through me. Incase you already know that this is something you've been interested in I included the links below to join as a HOST and GUEST.



Since we have already lived in Mexico for over a year I have a few places in mind already. What a fun new adventure this will be!


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