Updated: Nov 14, 2021

It's time to question everything....

Such as - Why did you ever stop to question things? - We have 2 young kids that love questioning, I'm sure you remember being curious as a kid. So, why did you stop?

If you like to question everything and explore the worlds hands on.

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In the past year, 4 African Presidents in perfect health have died. Why?

Since the beginning of this pandemic, very few people have been able to successfully speak up on the truth. Although a few people manage and it is a battle to be successful. Censorship has reached a level of extremity and should not be tolerated.

Did you know Canadians don't have free speech? It's often mistaken and confused by the American Constitution.

These African leaders did not want to obey to the false information and destruction of basic human rights. They have all suddenly died when they have not suffered from any major medical issues before 🤔 if you pay attention you will notice a common theme about "previous medical history"

The Tanzanian President tested fruit, goats, wood and other random objects which came back positive. How? Coronaviruses might exist but one thing that we know forsure is that they don't exist how the media tells us. Where you might "catch" covid while being outside of your home or with others.

The Tanzanian President was just starting to expose the truth and suddenly died like so many other people from our history that have made amazing discoveries. Such as free energy, the cure of all disease, the car that runs on water, personal hovercrafts... (Find more detailed information in Part 2 and 3) All of the creators suddenly die, which leads to another topic.


Are you afraid of death?

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of covid?

One thing that's for certain is you will face death in your life, is that something to be afraid of?


Mexican President states that he ¨WILL NOT¨ be getting the vaccine. This makes me wonder why was he able to announce this publicly? Maybe the " dangerous cartel" is actually there for his protection this time...? I don't know but I am curious why it was publicly announced.

- We still don't know why....

Recently in many parts of the world children over the age of 5 have now been authorized to receive the experimental COVID 19 vaccine without parental permission.



In Canada children with transgender intentions can begin the medication process in school without parental permission.



Now... Everything that's about to come next is going to make people very upset so here's how I will put it together

BLUE: My opinion

RED: Statements

GREEN: Truth

YELLOW: Supporting data

The question will always be "Why?" but we must remember that it can't always be answered and it can be asked infinitely.

What we must remember is to continue questioning everything...

The news and media hasn't proven anything to you either.

They've only made it harder for anyone to look at information by censoring and removing the truth - any chance they get.

This has also made it much more difficult to create this article. I have been pecking away at it for a year now! Anytime I find the supporting data, I return later to discover it's gone. The link is dead and the info was removed or censored.

A college degree, doesn't replace common sense. A degree only indicates that you did a great job at regurgitating the corrupt system and science you were taught or indoctrinated with. It doesn't indicate that you know how to think critically or independently. Repetition is NOT intelligence.

If you google anything listed below you will only find the complete censored and "fact checked" opposite.

(Since when do we have "fact checkers"? since covid... )




STATEMENT: COVID 19 is a deadly virus. FALSE


- The Virus has not been isolated which would define and prove it to be a "virus"

- Ask your government for proof of isolation, THEY CAN'T SUPPORT IT.

- Covid 19 that you see on the news is the common flu which the same number of people die from each year. If you look at these stats, it clearly shows how the flu cases have been converted into COVID 19. The flu suddenly disappeared.

- You can't catch a virus

- Exosomes are spread through our bodies communicating with each other - in a similar way to how women that live together will eventual have their cycles at the same time.



STATEMENT : The PCR test is accurate and helps us locate those who are infected to manage the outbreak. Cases are rising. FALSE


- The creator of the PCR openly claims that it's not a test.

- COVID tests don’t work, everybody has coronavirus'

- The creator of the PCR openly claims that it's not a test - Did you know that the inventor of the PCR also dies unexpectedly? (My opinion: So why is he dead? Most likely planned because he would have a lot to say right now....)

- COVID tests damage your blood brain barrier

- The coronavirus deadly outbreak doesn't exist

- Hydra Vulgaris and nano organisms have been found in the tests and masks.





STATEMENT: The Vaccine is safe and effective. FALSE


- The FDA is not approving the vaccine

- The Vaccine has already caused an estimated dozen of thousands of deaths worldwide. Where this number is only 4% of what has been recorded

- The X CEO of Pfizer has come out to explain the dangers, but no one listens or even heard about this.

- It's not a vaccine, it's an experimental injection, on trial, on all of us around the world

- Pfizer document says that people who are vaccinated should not be around people who are not vaccinated. Because it's not safe, they call it shedding

-- There are cases about how women's cycles are affected after being exposed to someone who is vaccinated



There's new strains of COVID 19 - an Indian strain has been discussed by media and politicians - cases are rising, many people are dying. FASLE

- People aren’t falling dead in the street

- The same photo from their viral announcement was used for a gas leak 2 years ago

- Hospitals are getting paid to increase cases - even if its not COVID they will list it as COVID to get their benefits

- There is a surge beginning of vaccine side effects which is bringing people to the hospital.


The virus originated from Wuhan and people were falling dead. FALSE

- Wuhan now one of the biggest party central’s in the world.

- People were not falling dead in the streets


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