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Bitcoin made us SET FOR LIFE | What we learnt living in Mexico for over a year 🇲🇽

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

It's been several weeks and months since I last wrote on here. I thought I would start with what we learnt living in Mexico for over a year...


Let's start with our assumptions as we prepared to move to Mexico. During the few months before we moved we had been in touch with a family and couple who were travelling the country in their van. We were also following a source of financial and crypto currency information who are based in Mexico.

These are the people that got us started in Crypto Currency - The Dollar Vigilante

In February of 2020 the world changed forever... we had just heard breaking news on all the closures that began due to "Covid 19" from an overseas channel "The Crow House". We knew immediately that something sounded weird and this is when we were introduced to The Dollar Vigilante Channel.

They helped us to fully understand the concept of Crypto Currency, it's purpose, the ups and downs, the tips, and the tricks. We had heard about bitcoin before and as intriguing as it sounded, there wasn't enough information about it. The things that you did hear certainly weren't good...

After listening to "The Crow House" and "The Dollar Vigilante" for a few, while realizing that the world is never going to be the same. We decided it as time to take that big leap of faith into the unknown. We finally finished our plan that had been 4 years in the works already. We finished selling all of our "things", we finished renovating a little home on wheels, we packed it full of all the final things that we own, we drove across the country, loaded it onto a ship and set off for Mexico.

Since Jeff from The Dollar Vigilante is located in Mexico we were able to get a real time update on life in Mexico and here are some of the things that we assumed...

- Fruit and Veggies will be around every corner

- Accommodations and living is cheap

- The country is lush and beautiful

- The beaches are endless and pristine

- People are always there to help

- The culture is friendly and welcoming

While all of the above assumptions are true, it's not always in the greatest of ways...

We also assumed that people wouldn't be wearing masks compared to such an americanized country like Canada. But we were wrong... immediately upon arrival the safety and cleanliness protocols in Mexico were surpassing Canada.

You couldn't walk into a public building without wearing a mask. You may think these are words of exaggeration but we are not kidding you. The mask situation in Mexico I would label as "outrageous".


One year and a few months later, we still haven't received our van from The Port of Veracruz. We were left excited, confused, scared, worried, and anxious; we didn't know what to do... We had made fortunes with our crypto investments, but of course we didn't want to use them yet.

Late one evening at our Cabin in Tlaxco, I found a 1979 Airstream Excella Motorhome that's 24ft in length. We already own a vintage Airstream Trailer and these motorhome versions are what got us into this entire lifestyle and idea in the first place. It was really hard to pass up. Especially since they are so rare...

As you know it, 2 weeks later we found ourselves on a flight to Texas with only our backpacks and puppies once again. After quickly converting some crypto into fiat we were forced to rent a UHAUL and drove 10 hours to pick our new home on wheels.

We learnt so much living in Mexico for over a year. It was also the most time we had ever spent together as a family.

We learnt how to communicate and slow down.

We learnt how to handle anxiety and pressure from 2 crazy kids.

We learnt how to live day by day.

We learnt how to travel in a country that speaks a foreign language.

We learnt so much that can't even be put into words and it has certainly changed our life forever.

While writing this we are still are in the United States, one of the most beautiful places we could wish to be - Denver, Colorado

We have spent the past few months planning and designing a remodel for the little bullet.

Also receiving so many packages of tools, essentials, appliances, power equipment, and so much more.

The last piece we wait for are new awnings from HIGH SKY RV PARTS before we leave for our next adventure. Where will we go next?

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