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We've got wheels! | 🚙 Buying a Vintage Jeep in Mexico

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

After a long 7 month wait for our van, we were forced to take a plunge and buy a vintage 1981 Jeep Wagoneer.

We rented a small car for 3 months, later upgrading to a small SUV. After only 40 days with the car we were charged an atrocious amount and that they would not help us. This forced us to drop off the rental immediately, which followed with the purchase of our new Jeep.

We named him Tank the Jeep because it feels like a tank when you are driving it. It has 4x4 and came with a brand new paint job and roof rack. Along as a bonus, included was a matching 1960 Mexican Islo Motto.

These two driving along the road together certainly gain a lot of attention. So many questions and such curiosity. People love seeing it every time.

We spent our first week with the Jeep at an AirBnB as we gathered camping supplies and fixed many of the big issues. After a few tweaks and finding all the proper camping gear, we left on our first trip to a secluded beach north of Puerto Vallarta.

It was visited daily by local surfers and fisherman, but otherwise we were alone. From the rooftop we could see whales jumping in the distance and boats passing by at far.

Puerto Vallarta is not a place I would ever want to return... It's filled with tourist and people living on the streets. We weren't once capable of driving through the city without being stopped by the Police for a bribe. It got very annoying, and I understand that this Jeep must look like a target.

We enjoyed the mountains and civilization, but it certainly showed us that we enjoy to be on the country side. Alone amongst the nature and animals.

We visited another beach town, retuned to Puerto Vallarta for a hotel break. Then we quickly made our way back to Veracruz, waiting for our precious van.

Finding yet another cute little town on the beach where we set up camp for a few weeks.


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