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The Best Airbnb in Veracruz 😍 | 10 months abroad

It's been a long several months of patiently waiting to be reunited with our 1980 Ford Camper Van. It arrived to Mexico in September of 2020 and we had it shipped in July. Once it arrived we were met with so much trouble and the rollercoaster has been going down hill ever since...

This month has been one of the best and most enlightening times of our life! We're getting the van back, as well as our solar powered Tuk Tuk. We sold our bike and might have an opportunity for the Jeep. We made fortunes with crypto! Now we are ready to get back on the road and explore this incredible country 🇲🇽

We've found ourselves exploring the area in Veracruz for months now and we also discovered a new and cute AirBnB by hosts we have already met from Oaxaca City.

It's located in the middle of downtown with a private pool and all the cute little touches. There's free parking with no height restrictions which would give us more room and time to finish organizing the van for our adventures to come.

We have also posted our second "silent" video on YouTube as we wait for the van

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