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Solving Tulum's Eco Problems | Home BioGas & Acuva - Bamboo & Green School

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What we can do to help Tulum and waste.

If you read my recent blog post about Tulum find it here ->

You may know there's what some people would call a water and sewage problem here in Tulum. The beach has been taken over by algae and the town is developing too fast.

What used to be a small quiet village off the sea is now a place to find some of the most incredible ruins and vacation destination rentals. This has certainly made a significant impact on the surrounding environment. Some even say it may be the cause of the unpleasant algae that has been driving people away.

Even though this has been driving people away, the biodiversity underwater in this region is incredible. Home to coral reefs, manta rays and whale sharks!

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UV LED Filtration


The Eco NX-Silver UV-LED drinking water system offers reliable Point-of-Use water purification for homes, cabins, boats, and RVs. This system comes with a Smart Faucet that shows a blue light indicator to let you know your system is working properly.

Provides 1.2 liters per minute (0.3 gallons)

Dispenses 72,000 liters of water in its lifetime

High-quality polymer body casing

Stainless steel reactor inside for UV-LED disinfection

Chemical-free, mercury-free

NSF/ANSI 55 Class 'B' and NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO R&T


Home BioGas

We believe that Home BioGas is a solution for any HouseHold!

Most especially, for residents of Tulum and its new developments. Here's a brief overview of how it works....

There's a 6 steps process and they offer 3 different ranges of products.



You must already know about my new grown love and obsession for anything bamboo! 🎍🎋

As we arrived in Tulum and drove throughout the village I was expecting to see me small traditional homes made of Bamboo. It felt like a mini Bali in North America. I believe there can be so many more incredible structures made from bamboo.

Thanks to Elora Hardy and the Team at Green School Bali - I now see that it might be possible after welcoming "Green School Tulum"!

Green School Tulum

Imagine this…

A campus which ignites the senses and the natural curiosity of children, a place where innovation, creativity and learning flourish. A holistic green community with a strong educational mandate that seeks to inspire students to be more curious, more engaged and more passionate about the planet. Bienvenido, mi casa es tu casa. Green School Tulum will stand strong at the heart of Selvazamá; a holistic residential project within the lush jungle of Tulum, only a couple of miles away from the Caribbean blue beaches.   Our campus evolves from Tulum´s landscape, culture and style while being utterly new and exciting. It is forward-dreaming on our choice of materials and the techniques will nod to the history and local heritage, drawing inspiration from it and spiral into a new forward-focused vision.  Both local and international talent are thriving with the opportunity to give voice to the future of Tulum. 

Built out of low impact materials, the Green School Tulum will incorporate bamboo and locally sourced woods and materials, as well as permaculture principles into its operation and design. The school will be an extraordinary milestone for the local community and inspiration for other schools in Mexico and abroad.

School of NOW.

We offer a well-rounded and cross-disciplinary learning experience that encourages the physical, emotional, intellectual and expressive development of every child. Beyond teaching proficiency in Maths, Science, Humanities, English, Spanish and Mayan, we also provide experiential classes in entrepreneurial studies, environmental studies, arts, health and wellbeing. Most importantly, we celebrate the wonder and magic of learning.

Expected in Fall 2021


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