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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

"I just visited the Smile Direct Club location and I can't wait to get started!" - Gabrielle Ledoyen Lambert

I found their program 2 years ago when they first opened and was excited about it then. I ordered the impression kit and never made time to do it then send it in... It's so easy to do, right from home!

I found a local Smile Direct Club in Winnipeg.... and can't believe what happened!

I went in for my 3D Scan

I left with a free Goodie Bag

Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Free $30 Gift Code for Amazon.....

How awesome is that?!" - Gabrielle. L. L.

My History With Braces...

I had braces for over 7 years. They made me completely insecure and I hated them. In fact, there are loads of photos of me purposely NOT smiling because I was too embarrassed to display my metal mouth.

I paid my dues already... But unfortunately, after I had my son and spent a week in the hospital. I was never able to put my retainer back in, now my teeth have shifted and become crooked and I am not happy about it.

Such an incredible alternative to braces!

If you would like to save $130 - sign up here!

About Smile Direct Club

SmileDirectClub was founded on a simple belief: everyone deserves a smile they love. Recognizing an opportunity to increase access to affordable orthodontic care, the company pioneered teledentistry and became the market leader of doctor-directed, remote invisible aligner therapy. A digital network of more than 240 state-licensed dentists and orthodontists approve and oversee customer club members’ SmilePlans from start to finish.

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