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Super fast unlimited internet from your van

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I’ve taken it with me backing packing across Indonesia and road-tripping throughout the states. Although where it amazed me most was right back at home....




I’ve travelled throughout Europe and the United States always returning to Canada with a HUGE phone bill. Canadians pay 200% to 700% x more for Cellular Services.

When planning to go for over 14 days you start running into big trouble, as most phone companies don’t let you use more than 14 roaming days.

That’s when I decided this wouldn’t work for me and to search for an alternative.

I discovered Skyroam just as they launched and have fallen in love with this little orange circle 🟠 ever since.

Find that hidden lagoon, try the spiciest noodles, post in real-time, record your bungee jump, automatically track your travels... from anywhere!at home....

For Families Stay Connected on-the-go for entertainment, easy navigation, capturing candid moments, keeping devices charged and staying in touch with loved ones.

Business Travel With secure, fast WiFi, navigating to meetings, downloading from the cloud, and sending that last email before take-off has never been easier.

Leisure Travel Find that hidden lagoon, try the spiciest noodles, post in real time, record your bungee jump, automatically track your travels... from anywhere!

Social Explorer Keep your followers up-to-date on your adventures with portable WiFi. 16+ hrs of battery life to record and share instantly, automatically send social posts

Unlimited Global Monthly Subscription: $99/mo For $99, Subscribe to get unlimited global connectivity for 30 days for WiFi anytime, anywhere. No contract, cancel anytime.

Unlimited Global Daypass: $9/day $9 for 24 hours of unlimited WiFi. For service on up to 10 devices. Pay-as-you-go, no contracts.

Pay-Per-GB GoData Subscription: $6/mo Get 1 GB of fast, 4G LTE WiFi per month. Local plans for USA or Europe just $6/mo. Global plan only $9/mo. Top up anytime for just $6/GB. No contracts

  1. 4700 mAh, USB-C outlet for all-day use and on-the-go charging

  2. Power Bank

  3. 4700 mAh, USB-C outlet for all day use and on-the-go charging

  4. Share on 10 Devices

  5. Connect your laptop, phone, tablet or share with others

  6. 4G LTE WiFi

  7. Blazing fast speeds locally and in 130+ countries

  8. Remote Camera

  9. 8MP, wide angle lens to capture, record, and live-stream

  10. Smart Assistant

  11. Fully customizable smart actions with just a tap




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