Shipping our house on wheels during Pandemic 🚢

Updated: Apr 6

Our van arrived from the sea on September 28th.

After spending one month in Veracruz, we decided to share part of this story so far.

Once we arrived in Veracruz, our first order of business was to find another vet. Because Trixie needed surgery again... Once this was settled, our tracking number showed that our van/container/ship had arrived! I contacted our agent and we started the process to import our van.

During this first week, we stayed in a small bright and cozy AirBnB!

I also visited a local Art Store to get supplies for watercolour painting that we want to start as a family. I used to draw in an art book all the time when I was a child. This is something I would love to start again, but maybe by Illustrating all the places we visit!

Arriving at our agent's office we had to:

- Sign 4 Letters,

- Submit our Bill of Sale,

- Insurance Documents,

- Registration Documents,

- Copy of my Passport,

- Copy of my Visa,

Next, they began the process to release our container.

We also paid a deposit in pesos on our container and the process, hoping it wouldn't get lengthy....

I returned the next day to sign more letters.

We went to a local Banjercito and paid in pesos for our TIP (Temporary Import Permit) which will be refunded at the end of the permit. The process took quite a few hours and I received our permit.

I signed our release documents, now it was time to wait for customs to do their part of the job.

3 weeks later,

3 inspections later,

and still no van.

We pestered for info every day.

After all the van is our home,

It's not just a van,

But we were always told to wait....

Firstly, I wanted to note that we had our van stocked with food.

This was our first time shipping it and we didn't know what to do with the food...

We were rushed and Rémi wanted to keep it, while I wanted to donate it but there was no more time. The shipping company assured us that it was okay and off we went to Mexico.

I had a feeling this would be a bad idea. I DO NOT recommend shipping your vehicle with ANY PERSONAL ITEMS, keep your vehicle EMPTY! Be prepared and don’t let this frighten you away from shipping.

The van has now been held by the port for nearly 2 months because we have failed inspection. We were recently advised that we will need a lawyer to release it.

Luckily I found an incredible lawyer who is kind and speaks English very well. If you are in Veracruz and ever need help, please send me a message to forward his information.

I tried so hard to have everything prepared, ready, and lined up for the van. The van was supposed to be released while we stayed in this cute Mountain Cottage with a huge yard and coffee farm. We also shipped a beautiful new Bamboo Flooring with the van, our first project to tackle is changing the floor.

Unfortunately, we were slapped in the face by this bad luck and find ourselves still waiting on the van.

If you want to hear the full story we will be sharing a video on Patreon exclusive to our Patrons and Supporters.

Here are the latest photos from our van that has been sitting at the port for nearly 2 months....

I wanted to share this raw and ugly truth so that if you are thinking of shipping your van, you know what the worst-case scenario is....

With what we have learnt from this experience is I would only recommend shipping your vehicle empty with no items at all.

Make sure you have an agent and lawyer and standby for your delivery.

Here are photos of what the van looked like before shipping it to Mexico.

By joining us on Patreon you will also be the first to see our Van Tour Video

In the next post, we will share our full van recovery process and maybe a finished van tour!


Mexican adventures are just around the corner! 🏝

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