Puerto Escondido 🏝 A Tropical Paradise

Updated: Apr 6

Modern Concrete Airbnb in Puerto Escondido

It's about a week before Christmas and we found out that we will not be getting the van quite yet. We decided to upgrade vehicles, so we had to bring our little rental car back to Mexico City.

It's about a 3-4 hour drive from Veracruz where our van has been parked for over 3 months...

We spent a few nights in the city at a beautiful Airbnb

Afterwards making our long 10-hour journey to Puerto Escondido. We arrived at night. The key to our villa was hidden under a rock. The last 10-minute drive before arriving at this paradise was what they consider a true Mexican street.

The photos for this villa were terrible and it was hard to tell what it really looked like. This allowed me to work a deal with the owners. I knew it looked stunning but when I opened those doors at night I was shocked.

The villa was perfectly lit up with vintage amber lights, they had music playing and it felt like we walked into paradise.

We unpacked and enjoyed the evening life. Exploring the rooftop and watching the stars ✨

Waking up the next morning was like Christmas for me. since we arrived in the evening, we really didn't know what anything looked like! The morning was calm and relaxing. We enjoyed some time in this incredible villa then planned for an afternoon adventure to the beach.

This beach had some of the most beautiful sand I have ever touched! It brought back so many memories of my backpacking adventure through Bali's archipelago in 2018.

The kids played in the waves, we enjoyed a great meal, had a cold lemonade and enjoyed the sun ☀️

Our adventure here was short and complete, we made the 10-hour drive back to Mexico City where we would find a cute and cozy apartment for the holidays.

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