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New week for new adventures - Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Our third AirBnB in Tulum, Mexico

It's not always fun and games,

roses and butterflies.

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This week was full of fun and adventures! Although keeping in mind that it's not always roses and butterflies... We spent one terrible night at bad accommodations and let's just say that is what happens when you try and be cheap.

I always have a backup plan so we were quickly able to find this beautiful AirBnB Plus Property in the heart of Tulum. We arrived early and were greeted by a traditional Mexican family who looks after the home. The hosts/owners were incredible caretakers that just spent time on the property themselves.

We adore how they transformed a typical old home into something picturesque, fashionable and simply beautiful.

The space featured many thoughtful touches to make it feel like home. They had books and accessories throughout. Most of the books I jotted down knowing that I need to find myself a copy.

Some of the titles included:

Isabel Quintero + Zeke Pena - Photographic The Life of Graciela Iturbide

Igor Josifovic + Judith De Graaff - Urban Jungle

Fotographia en Mexique

The closet was open and featured wooden clothes hangers which made the most beautiful staging for a photo. There were plants that filled the space and left me in awe. Candles and nighttime lights made a romantic evening space.

There were 3 exterior patio sections providing plenty of opportunity for outdoor gardens or refreshments. There were 3 bikes on site that allowed for easy access around town.


We spent most of our time here relaxing and slowing down. I was starting a cold, Remi was healing from an ear injury and we both had a lot of work to catch up on. The kids spent their time drawing and writing, I did the same. We cooked incredible meals and the kids were always asking for fruit and snacks of course...

"Minimalism can be more than just removing physical possessions. It is also about deciding what is most important in life - and removing the distractions that keep you from it" - Joshua Becker


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