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Never rent from HERTZ in Mexico! 🚘

This is our story about being fu****d by Hertz in Mexico...

Upon arrive to Mexico we knew that we needed a set of wheels to bring us around the country with our two kids, two dogs, and luggage. We rented an extra small cheap manual car. It did us well but it was very small and needed a push start very now and then. We had this car for 3 months and the random little car rental company treated us well. We drove back to Mexico and returned the little car because we decided to get a small SUV/Hatchback. We thought the initial costs were even quite high but Christmas was coming and we knew it was going to make the travelling part much easier. We kept this car for 40 days and they made over 6 transactions of thousands of dollars. This brought our total for the 40 days to well over $12,000 CAD DOLLARS! 😵

This is crazy! We immediately returned the car when they charged a random extra $4,000 and they would not help or give us an explanation. We visited 3 locations begging for answers and our money back but the response was always the same or they refused to communicate and translate with us all together. This is still a battle we are fighting.

I forgot to mention how they tried to charge us extra for suction iPhone mount that we left behind in the car. Supposedly it wasn't allowed... 🤔

For this reason we are still grateful to have our old Jeep, we purchased it on the same day as returning the rental car. We are now desperately waiting for the return of our van!

What's the message of this story?

- Make sure you get a written agreement for your rental cost and duration, before leaving.

- Try to pay in cash

- Try to leave a deposit in cash

- Try to find a small car rental business

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