Mexico City for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 6

It’s already nearly March as I write to you about our first Christmas away from home...

We spent our first Tropical Holidays in Mexico City! After a long wait for our van in Veracruz we decided to make a 4 hour journey into the big city. This was a benefit for us because there are plenty of beautiful AirBnB rentals who are pet friendly and extremely affordable.

We had previously stayed at a chic apartment where we hiked about making a nice big christmas dinner.

We chose a cute apartment in Condesa

It was well lit and featured a full 2 story glass wall and patio. There was a beautiful brown leather couch and all the little amenities you would need.

During this month in Mexico City, the temperatures were so cold! At our next apartment we felt ashamed that we had to ask for a heater as Canadians. Luckily they got one for us but unfortunately it did not help... it was my night side buddy.

From here we made our way back to Veracruz for news on the van. Then moving to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

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