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Little Limestone Lake - Manitoba's Tropical Blue Water

This isn't the kind of lake one stumbles on accidentally. People must make careful effort to get here. The nearest town, Grand Rapids, was once a booming center of water transportation on the main canoe route toward the west.

In 1741 Fort Bourbon was built at Grand Rapids, and the village was the site of fur trading activity and eventually a steamship destination. Once water transportation was replaced by railways, Grand Rapids lost its prominence in Manitoba development and is now a sleepy small town which hosts a hydroelectric dam and several outfitters and campground resorts. The village is likely the best starting point for a day trip to Little Limestone Lake.

Some tips for the trip:

1 - Bring bear spray and camp smart – as with all backcountry camping, be prepared! At a distance, I saw a bear swimming across the lake.

2 - Bring a camera – you’ll want to take lots of photos, trust me.

3 - Do some exploring – the lake is pretty big. We were only able to explore one large bay of the lake due to the rainy weather. We hear there’s a hidden waterfall at one of the outlets of the lake!

4 - Get a license and go fishing – you’ll find lighter coloured fish due to the minerals in the lake. Watch the following video for some sneak peaks at the fishing up there.

5 - Be respectful of Mosakahiken Cree territory and of the lake – check out a map before you go and be mindful of where you’re camping. Ask for permission to camp and please leave nothing behind, the beauty of this lake needs to be preserved.

6 - Get all your supplies before arriving, the last place to pick up goods will be Grand Rapids Gas Station.


- There are two public camping locations that we have used so far, where you will find most visitors.

(The second road might require a 4x4)


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