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Top 10 Reasons I use HoneyBook

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Honeybook is an incredible all in one business tool that allows you to manage all your projects and customers seamlessly!

1 - All in One Tool

This is where I keep #EverythingBusinessRelated Here are some of my favourite tools in HoneyBook....

  • Emails

  • Agreements

  • Questionnaires

  • Proposals

  • Packages

  • Timelines

  • Brochures

  • Booking

  • Bookkeeping

  • Auto Payments

  • Time Tracking

  • Workflow

  • Team Friendly

2 - Templates

Within each project, there's what we call a pipeline. On my main project pipeline, I’m able to see a birds-eye view of my various projects and the stage it is in. This comes in handy when I’m working on any of my projects. For example, immediately after a wedding, I’m able to move their workspace from “Planning” over to “Editing”, and as I’m looking at my workload I can see which sessions still need to be edited. From there, I then move it over to my “Thank you” stage which indicates for me that we’re in the close-out stage of the project when I’m working to collect Google reviews and other relevant things to wrap up the project. HoneyBook has certain built-in stages but you can also add in your own to completely customize to fit your business!

If I ever find myself writing something just a few times, I create a template in HoneyBook!


3 - Questionnaires

Questionnaires are essential to gather details for any potential project or to gather info for what I’m working on.... Whether it’s building a website, designing a home, wedding day planning with my brides or requesting feedback from clients!

4 - Calendar

HoneyBook syncs seamlessly with Google Calendars for all your projects.

5 - Workflow

Once you've mastered some of these steps you can start getting really technical. So you've created all your templates (emails, questionnaires, packages, proposals, etc....) now it's time to create a Workflow.

This feature works seamlessly with all your templates to have a completely automated workflow in your business.

You can have certain things push automatically or notified in your control. You can set up tasks within these workflows as a reminder.

This is one of the best features HoneyBook has to offer. It's tricky to set-up but will save you so much time in the future!

Example of some Workflows I'm designing to suit my business.

Graphic Design BOOKED Workflow

Graphic Design LAUNCH Workflow

6 - Project Stages

This is a simple tool, but one of my favourite features within HoneyBook! Within each project, there's what we call a pipeline, I’m able to see which stage each of these projects is at.

For example, immediately after a wedding, I’m able to move their project from “Planning” over to “Editing”, and as I’m looking at my workload I can see which sessions still need to be edited and so on....

From there, I can move it over to my “Remitting” stage which tells me that it's time to deliver the files, links and collect any other relevant information. Such as reviews and feedback. There's also a private section for you to gather all your notes on the project.

7 - Professional Design

Professionalism goes a long way when you are starting your own business.

When I send information with HoneyBook, I know that my clients are intrigued by the design.

HoneyBook offers easy to use functions and tools that will ease your work and the customer's experience.

8 - Getting Paid

I do not use all the bookkeeping features within HoneyBook because I use Quickbooks.

I’ve used Quickbooks throughout all my working experience but, I get paid through HoneyBook 95% of the time. I love seeing that payment notification!

It’s truly amazing. I can easily create tools for my clients to make their payments online.

The bonus feature is their payment schedule, so they can either manually pay upon each due date or set it up for auto-pay per our agreement.

HoneyBook will even automatically send payment reminders to your clients!

9 - Brochures

The best way to start reeling in your clients! I have so many beautiful templates that allow you to personalize every experience with your clients.

They can select what services they are interested in, and the ball keeps rolling from here!


10 - Customer Service

They call it the Concierge Service, and it is great!

The most important thing to know is that HoneyBook will actually help you set up your account and transfer over your existing project's forms to there system when you sign up!

This includes invoices, questionnaires, contracts and even your email templates to help you get up and running then familiar with HoneyBook instantly.

What are you waiting for?

Download your free customizable templates from Canva HERE!

Tutorial on using your templates in HoneyBook:


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