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FROGEX | Crypto Currency is Saving The World; in more ways than you might think....

Crypto Currency is saving the world in more ways than you might think....

But wait, "I thought the media said it was bad for the environment and consumes too much energy?" FALSE

El Salvador is now in process of mining crypto currency with volcanic energy!

It sure takes a lot of energy to run all of the banks around the world,





Do you really think that individuals/people and business' who use crypto are making a negative impact anything like the Federal Reserve? Of course not.

Firstly on this topic of crypto currency saving the world, you could discuss the benefits of eliminating these federal banks and the global financial system. But these details we will share in another article. I have been follow FROGE for the past year and love everything I have witnessed with the coin so far. In Europe they have even invested in this project with Large Billboard Advertisements.

Not to mention, I grew up in a town where their local mascot was a frog. There would be an annual festival; where people caught frogs and then brought them to race at this event 🤣 (St Pierre Jolys MB - FROG FOLLIES)

FROGEX | Also known as FROGE is a revolutionary concept: what if we use digital currency to support our world’s rainforests and fight climate change, while giving the holders of FROGE a store of value and passive income?

To realize the ecological aims of the token, the FROGE smart contract automatically deposits a portion of every transaction to climate charity Cool Earth.

To realize the financial function of the token, the FROGE supply is deflationary and gives holders passive income on every transaction.

Transfers are FREE, creating a huge benefit for all the token holders.

They publicly share their fund-raising for Cool Earth



How to buy

Uniswap and MetaMask is what I use with ease!

LATEST UPDATES FROM THE TEAM ON FROGE FRIDAY is up and there are a couple pieces of new merch, we will be creating additional merch all week and you can reach out to @MerchFROGE you have any ideas they want to see up in the store!

The Froge Finance Foundation has officially partnered with a Quality/Environmental System specialist to assist with implementing a Quality Management System compliant to both the ISO 14001:2015 as well as ISO 9001:2015 standards. To our knowledge this is a feat that has not been accomplished by ANY other cryptocurrency project. Becoming compliant to these standards will not only demonstrate our dedicated focus to protecting the environment and improving our internal processes, but will also assist with our future partnership efforts significantly.

Another great announcement on the partnership and environmental front, is that we have partnered with Rainforest Foundation US to help us hodl the rainforests! Rainforest Foundation US (RFUS) partners with indigenous peoples to protect vital rainforest ecosystems and address the climate crisis. They provide support to indigenous communities and organizations to secure their rights to their traditional lands and livelihoods. As an organization, RFUS prides itself on being nimble and flexible, engaging with their partners over the long term on initiatives based on their priorities and aspirations. RFUS is very crypto friendly and excited to be more involved in the space, they currently accept nearly 50 cryptocurrencies as donations.

This is just what FrogeX was made for! Since RFUS is our first fundraising partner we will be making the first donation on behalf of FrogeX to Rainforest Foundation US. Please frens, keep in mind while promoting this partnership that we want the world to know about this, but we don’t want to annoy RFUS.

In the past Cool Earth requested that we did not tag them on Twitter, at a certain point it’s just overkill with so many of us tweeting. There is a reminder from Rainforest Foundation US on how to represent their organization online.

This is just the first of many partnerships to come and we will be announcing more soon!

The Froge team is still offering a private sale, now at a 100 million Froge limit, you can buy off the market, directly from us. You will send ETH and will get BFROGE in return. Your BFROGE will be transferred upon receipt of your ETH payment and a transaction ID given. We will be selling FROGE at the lowest price between ETH and BSC FROGE. Contact @DeepLazan directly to purchase.




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