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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

With a white sandy coastline and turquoise-coloured waters, with some of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches; it’s no wonder more than 2500 people getaway to be married in Panama each year!

What do you need to know and do to get married in Panama or on one of these incredible beaches?

It’s so much easier than you think!

There are no permits required and no extra fees to get married on the beach in Panama.

My personal advice for beach weddings- get married at sunset!

The sunset ceremonies are absolutely picture perfect and each and everyone is a little gift from above.


First, you need to decide what type of wedding you will be having....

Symbolic or Civil?

Not exactly sure what the difference is between a symbolic and civil ceremony?

A civil ceremony is legal, in that the marriage is officially recognized by the government.

A symbolic ceremony is NOT a legally recognized marriage. Instead, it’s essentially a commitment service.

Civil Weddings

-You need to apply for your marriage license.

-You can start the application online, but you have to finish it in-person, together at the Bay County Clerk of Courts office.

-This process will take about 20 minutes and you should go prepared with photo ID and your social security numbers. You must be 18 or older.


-The cost of the license is $86 and payment is accepted at the time of application by cash or credit card.

-You will have 60 days once your license is issued to get married and have your license returned to the clerk by your notary/officiant.


-If you are NOT a Florida resident, there is NO WAITING PERIOD to get married after your license has been issued.

-If you are a Florida resident, there is a 3 day waiting period after you apply for your marriage license.

This waiting period may be waived if you elect to take a premarital preparation course. More information can be found here -> Clerk of Court Website.


- Now that you know WHERE you want to say “I do”, you need to find yourself an officiant.

Now it's time for all the fun!  Once you get your marriage license, it’s smooth sailing from here...

Symbolic Weddings

Choosing a symbolic ceremony will leave you with far less stress. You essentially don't have much to prepare... Find the most incredible location that has meaning for the two of you. Share your vows, love and commitment for each other! You can still choose to find an officiant.


Believe it or not, at the end of your wedding day, you walk away with a husband (or wife) and your perspective of the memories.

The flowers wilt, The cake gets eaten, And your dress gets cleaned and boxed up.

By hiring a photographer/videographer, you can preserve those memories, and all the little moments you may not have caught throughout the day.


I am the photographer and videographer at GabbiiGoose.  I have been in business for over 7 years and photographed over 50 weddings, ranging from 2 to 250 people. I also serve over 20 families each year!

In addition to my photography and videography, I have an Interior Design Diploma and am highly skilled in Graphic Design, where I work online through my site and Fiverr.


You have several options when it comes to the details, but here's what I recommend. Even if it’s just the two of you and you choose to keep it intimate, consider a small bouquet for your pictures and a cake to celebrate your special day together!

Some of the most beautiful cakes and bouquets I’ve seen have come from the local business owners that do this every day because they LOVE what they do.  They have such a passion for their industry and it shows with every customer they serve.

Support Small... Support Local...

Here's an example of some of the packages I will be offering as of late 2020.

Unicorn Elopement is perfect for couples that would like a destination wedding/elopement, and do not have a preference for a time or location for the event to take place. *Florida Nuptials will assign the time and location.

We will allow up to 8 people total including the Bride and Groom.

Any events with more than 8 people need to be booked through a different plan.

$750  Unicorn Elopement - Just me and you

Package includes an Officiant for a simple civil ceremony

No advance time is assigned prior to 72 hours (3 days) of the event limited public access locations or state parks w/entry fee.

Subject to availability on the requested date and time Sunrise ceremonies are not available at this rate.

Sunset availability is rare during wedding season (May - mid November)

Officiant Entry fee to State Parks will be included on invoice Filing of the marriage license.

We will book elopements in Panama.

Please check for availability

Payment in full is required unless other services are booked or arrangements made, ​ Add a Sand Ceremony for $35 Add Shell Blessings for $35 Add ceremony photography for $125 Add ceremony and after ceremony photoshoot for $250

Add ceremony Videography for $125

Add ceremony and Cinematic film for $450 ​  Photography and Videography detailsIncludes delivery of photos w/ rights to reprint from GabbiiGooseAll photos are shot in JPEG - RAW format delivered within 2 weeks.

10 edited by email within 24- 48 hours for weekday events and 48-96 hours for weekend events.

Please advise your guests and family members to stay in one location and not move around the ceremony area to take pictures - this is the photographer's job.

There will be no additional fees for pro edits. This can include removal of people from the waves or beach, wet spots off of the groom's shirt, exposed bra straps, beads of sweat from faces, lighten or darken as needed, levelling the waterline etc.

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