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Crypto & Bitcoin Retire in 12 months | and how we lost $50,000

It was November 2020 and crypto started climbing just as we predicted.

How can you retire in 12 months with Bitcoin? Let us explain...

We purchased our first Bitcoin in Summer of 2020, at $10,000 CAD. The transaction took 10 seconds to complete and we've made $80,000 CAD in only 8 months with no extra work or steps required.

Bitcoin will be hitting a high of $250,000 to $1,000,000 and is certainly the future of currency and transactions, with hundreds of new business investing themselves and now accepting Bitcoin as payment.



We had recently bought a new jeep that needed much work. We were in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and my husband lost his phone by accidentally leaving it on the roof. We never found it in the area. One week later, on the other side of the country in Veracruz, I lost my phone in our Jeep.

We needed these devices because one wallet requires Google Authenticator. My laptop was being repaired and we were left with only the phones. Also, who would expect to lose 2 phones in a week? I've never lost a phone before in my life! We had a spare phone for this type of emergency but I always had it randomly laying around from the kids using it, or tucked away in my bag where I'm not keeping track of it. We didn't want to have such important information on the device 🤷🏻‍♀️

The coin we lost is ARRR (Pirate Chain) - one of the most secure and untraceable coins created yet. It was purchased and only 6 cents, with an expected increase up to $80 or even thousand!

Make sure you have a printer and a safe place for your keys. If you require google authentication you can print a QR code to keep safe which is similar to your keys for a wallet.



My own coin on the new platform Bitclout has grown up to $40 and we now have 4 patrons!

We are now hours away from getting our van back and we cannot wait : ) after being apart from it for over 9 months it's a surreal feeling to be reunited soon!


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