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Bitclout - The Future for Creators and Artists

2021 has been full of record breaking highs and exciting news in the crypto world. My most favourite yet is a platform named BITCLOUT.


BitClout, a new blockchain-based social media platform that allows users to monetize their online following. Built from the ground up, by a group of crypto enthousiastes, and has its own custom blockchain.

Why invest in Bitclout?

@samkolder said it perfectly...

“I invest in crypto and stocks. Why wouldn’t I also want to invest in creators and public figures I believe in?”

Creators and Artists can compare this platform is some ways to Patreon. Build an engaging community who can support you by purchasing your coin which pays you in Bitclout. Just like any other crypto coin, the more you receive and trade the more valuable your own personal coin becomes.

Why it matters: BitClout has divided even the industry's top investors, with some openly backing it in hopes it's the next social-media-on-the-blockchain success, while others are staying far away.

  • The cap table includes some of the biggest names like Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital and a host of celebrities.

How it works: BitClout takes the profiles of popular Twitter personalities and ascribes a dollar value to their output. Participants can then buy and sell various “Creator Coins” with bitcoin and profit.

  • At the top of the pack is Elon Musk, whose unclaimed profile on the site is commanding $70,825 per token.





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